Parks & Recreation

The mission of the Wynne Parks and Recreation Department is to acquire, develop, operate, and maintain a safe and adequate parks & recreation system which enriches the quality of life for residents and visitors alike, and preserves it for future generations.

Parks and Recreation Director:  Zach Morris    

Phone: 870-208-1117.

There are nine parks within the city limits of Wynne.  At our Sports Complex we host softball, baseball and soccer community leagues, as well as the local schools Junior Varsity and Varsity softball and baseball teams and the Wynne Saddle Club.  We also have a stocked fishing pond, and a multi-purpose building.  If you are interested in renting the multi-purpose building for your event, please contact Zach Morris.

Yellow and blue playground equipment

EU Deshay - G St. & Williams

Yellow and blue playground equipment

Malone Park

Jesse Wynne Memorial

Jesse Wynne Park - Union Ave & Merriman

Blue, Red and yellow playground equipment

John Hayden Park - Canal St.

Cottonwood Park greenspace

Cottonwood Park - Union Ave. & Cottonwood

Red railroad car

Wallin Park - Commercial & Front St.

Steinberg memorial parkMemorial plaque about the steinbergs

Hyman Steinberg Memorial Park

Childrens splashpad area

The Splashpad - Merriman Ave.

the sports complex entrance sign

The Sports Complex - Highway 1 North

baseball field

baseball field

baseball field