2024 - State of the City Message from Mayor Hobbs


2024 State of the City Address

2023 was a year like no other.  We started the year off with much excitement as I began my second term as Mayor and we had new councilmen and a new Fire Chief.  I feel we all expected an exciting year, but no one expected a devastating F3 tornado to rip our town in half.  

Four precious lives were lost, many homes and businesses were destroyed, our school took a direct hit and the high school campus was lost as well as our city's waste water treatment facility.  I am thankful we have the leadership in place that we do.  Blake had the insight to work through the waste water issue without missing a beat.   My team stepped up and no one had a title March 31 and the days following.  Everyone just showed up and said "what can I do" or "Where do you need me to go?"  We saw our amazing citizens and neighbors show up and show out.  Wynne has always been a giving and helpful community and I have always been proud to be her citizen, but I was super proud after March 31.  I am so grateful for the help extended us from communities and organizations across the nation. 

We had to navigate a whole new world after March 31.  Decisions had to be made and action had to be taken.  I watch our financial status very carefully and I was proud of where we were financially beginning January 2023, but a town of our size can never be prepared for the expense of such a storm.  At the end of December, we had expensed over 4.9 million dollars and have ended the year with $2.4 million in the bank.  We will have some projects that will need to be addressed in the new year because of the tornado.  After the winter we will certainly see how much street damage was done because of the storm and heavy equipment needed in our town for weeks and months following March 31.

The city of Wynne is building back.  I think we have the potential to come back stronger than before the storm.  We have a few new businesses that have opened, and some that I know will be opening.  We have a new CEO of Wynne Economic Development and I know Bevin is working hard to bring businesses to Wynne including new restaurants and retail establishments which will create jobs and improve our quality of life.

Wynne is a great place to live and we have a bright future.  We all just need to work together and be positive.  I am grateful for the opportunity to serve you as Mayor.

Mayor, Jennifer Hobbs