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Permits, Licenses & Forms


In order to operate any business in the City of Wynne or operate as a Contractor you must have a current license.  The Wynne Police Department is the designated collector for the Privilege & Operator Licenses.

The Police Department is located at 206 South Falls.  Office hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM until 5:00 PM.  The phone number is 238-8718 and the fax number is 238-4055. 

You may refer to Title IV, Chapter 4.24 of the Municipal Code for additional information regarding Privilege License and City Ordinance n. 426 for information regarding Contractor License.

There is also an application process for Itinerant Vendors wishing to do Door-to-Door Sales. This is detailed in Ordinance n. 562.

See additional information below.

City License Application.pdf

License Inventory Form Privilege License.pdf

Contractor License.pdf

Itinerant License Door to Door.pdf 


See additional information below. 

Inspection Application

Permits and Fees